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museumdat has been replaced by LIDO, please visit: Lightweight Information Describing Objects (LIDO)

  Harvesting Format for Providing Core Data from Museum Holdings


museumdat is a harvesting format optimised for retrieval and publication, meant to deliver automatically core data to museum portals. It builds largely upon the data format CDWA Lite developed in the US by the Getty, the Visual Resources Association and others, with a specific focus on arts. museumdat now applies for all kinds of object classes, e.g. cultural, technology or natural history, and is compatible with the reference model of the international documentation committee CIDOC-CRM (ISO 21127). museumdat   is an outcome of the work of Fachgruppe Dokumentation des Deutschen Museumsbundes (DMB).

museumdat-v1.0.pdf Specification: Documentation
museumdat-v1.0.xsd Specification: XML Schema-Definition


museumdat activities are currently involved in an initiative on international level that aims at developing a common, internationally acknowledged metadata format providing museum information for internet resource discovery:
Lightweight Information Describing Objects (LIDO).
A Working Group "Data Harvesting and Interchange" has been established within the Documentation Committee (CIDOC) of the International Council of Museums (ICOM) with the initial focus on centralizing information and activities towards the development of LIDO as standard format. The formation of the Working Group is supported by the CDWA Lite Advisory Committee, the WG Data Exchange / Fachgruppe Dokumentation im DMB, the CDWA Lite museumdat Working Group, and developers of SPECTRUM.
More information about the Working Group and about LIDO will be available here.

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museumdat-info-de.pdf Short introduction
museumdat-launch-de.pdf Official Launch (in German only)
[Official launch of the format during the annual meeting of the Documentation Comittee / German Museums Association]
cdwalite_and_museumdat.pdf CDWA Lite and museumdat
[Presentation of museumdat during CDWA Lite meeting at the "Museum Computer Network"-Conference in Chicago, Nov 10th 2007, includes special comparison with CDWA Lite]


Regine Stein
Image Archive "Bildarchiv Foto Marburg"
Monika Hagedorn-Saupe
Institute for Museum Research (SMB-PK), Berlin
Carlos Saro
Zuse Institute Berlin